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What happened to the good old days?


Before Common Core there was Outcome Based Education (OBE) and Mastery Learning (ML).   These programs were developed through the years by social engineers with the intent of developing a cheap, relatively poorly educated and dependable labor force.   This labor force must be easily managed and trained. 

The system is endorsed by UNESCO to be used all over the world.   It is a part of the One World Government plan.   Add to that the Agenda 21 – Sustainable Development agenda that is racing to take over all phases of our lives.    With several generations of students “dumbed down” – the takeover will be accomplished with little or no opposition.   In fact parents have allowed their children to be pawns in the labs (classrooms) of the facilitators/teachers for a long time.   I started telling people about OBE in the mid 1970’s.   The children that were indoctrinated in the 1970’s are now grandparents.

The methods of indoctrination were designed by social engineers.   Two of the prominent engineers of the system are William Spady and Thomas Sticht.  They worked at the National Institute of Education and the United States Department of Education.    They were both consultants to the Washington, DC government school system.   The system of social engineering was tested on this and other inner city school systems.    The children are used as lab rats for the social engineers.  

Unfortunately, the inner cities were the first targets.   The megalomaniacs who designed these programs do not allow objective testing of the students that have been subjected to their program.   We do know that the Chicago program resulted in one-half of the 39,500 students in the 1980 freshman class failed to graduate.  After that the media would not publish results from the other urban school districts.  The media is on the side of the change-agents.

The program subjects the children to dehumanizing and manipulative conditioning.   Academic skills are not the goals of those who developed the curriculum.   A docile and easily manipulation population of workers is the ultimate goal of the program. 

B. F. Skinner

Behavior Modification is a conditioning process developed by B. F. Skinner, a behavior psychologist from Harvard University.    He believed that students could be trained by methods using Ivan Pavlov’s dehumanizing, manipulative conditioning.   The children are subjected to a system of rewards or punishment depending on the answer that the teacher wants.   The answer she wants probably is contrary to what the child has been taught at home or in his church.  This system is called “behavior modification.”

The program promotes moral relativism, premarital and extra-marital sex, homosexuality, abortion, undermining the parent’s authority, the family and patriotism.   Graphic sexual conversations are encouraged in the classroom (lab).   Much of the learning is group learning and peer pressure is used to change the student’s values.  What used to be considered traditional and basic learning skills is put on a back seat.   Instead the students are exposed to environmentally acceptable, “it takes a village” ideas, multiculturalism and their duty to work for the community.    Thus, the schools do require a student to participate in “civic service.”    The service is usually selected by the “facilitator” (teacher).

The U. S. Department of education does not publish the research that details the failure of all of the schools that used the OBE – ML methods.   The inner cities were the first great losers of the program.  It is quite evident by the huge increases in crime, unwed motherhood (over 70% of African-American babies are born to unwed mothers), rampant drug use, and the destruction of the family unit.  The government does want the population to be dependent on it.   The politicians own those that are dependent on the government.   (I would call that slavery.)   Obviously the government is a corrupt and utter failure in almost everything it takes over.

B. F. Skinner, who developed the method of conditioning students was a militant atheist-humanist, he was a signer of the Humanist Manifesto and a winner of the “humanist of the Year” award.   He was a totalitarian and OBE is a totalitarian philosophy.   There is no room for Christian morality or individual liberty in the ML-OBE, Common Core program of non-education.

The program is designed to change the attitudes, beliefs and values of our nation.   It is designed to destroy all of the Judeo-Christian values and morals of our population.   It is designed to allow for the takeover of our nation by a group of elitists that believe they can rebuild a Utopia on the ashes of our current civilization.   Values Clarification is another term that is used in the implementation of the program.   The school will clarify what they consider the acceptable values. 
Our children are victims of a malevolent group of elitists that think they can change the world.   Far too many people refuse to believe that this anti-God, anti-family, anti-United States curriculum is being taught in our nation’s government schools.   

Rebellious children are coming home from school displaying hateful and selfish attitudes.    When asked why he was acting so selfish a student said that his teacher had told him he could choose to do anything he wanted.  He was the only person that counted.  His ideas were the only ideas of importance.  No one else was important to him.  This is Secular Humanism at work.

It is very important to watch for the buzz words that teachers use when talking down to parents.    They are adamant that they “are the professionals.”    They know what is best.   The parents do not! 

Watch for your district to say that they are “implementing” a new curriculum.   Often they will say that it has been approved by a committee of parents, teachers, administrators and other experts.    They will report that the textbooks, computers, programs, curriculum, etc. has been approved by “consensus” of this representative group.   Nothing could be further from the truth.   The committees are ALWAYS stacked.  The decisions have ALWAYS been made in advance of any meetings. 

Just remember that all Humanists believe in suicide, abortion, euthanasia, sexual perversions, and divorce.  They talk about world peace, but insist that there is no God, no life hereafter, that man can make his own morals, his own values, and his own gods.   

Children are taught to make adult decisions from kindergarten on through high school.   Do they have knowledge to make these decisions?    What experience do they have to base these life shaking decisions?

Mastery Learning – Outcome Based Education has been in place for many years.   Common Core is just the latest and most blatant takeover of our children.

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