Monday, May 19, 2014


 The Lebanon School board has decided to put another levy on the ballot in a costly special election.   This levy will be for 5.38 mills.   That will be approximately $412.00 annually for a $250,000.00 house.  This levy will generate approximately $4.2 million per year in operating funds.  $412.00 is huge in our family.  

Add that amount to the other levies that have been added to our tax bills in the past ten years.

Last August Lebanon put a levy on the ballot.  That passed with flying colors.   In November of last year they put two new levies on the ballot.   One is a 37 year bond issue with an additional millage listed as a “maintenance” levy.  The maintenance levy is supposed to generate an estimated $1,180,670 annually.   

In November of 2005 the district was, again in crisis mode and managed to closely pass 6.5 mills.   The count was 51.73% for the levy and 48.27% against.   This levy was a replay of a 5.9 mill levy that had been resoundingly defeated in May 60.28% against the levy and 39.72% for the levy.  Note that their needs went from 5.9 mills in May to 6.5 mills in November.

In November of 2011 Lebanon voters “avoided $3 million of additional budget cuts” by approving a five-year 3.78 mills operating levy by just 129 votes or 50.5% for and 49.5 percent against.

Most of us remember when this district had to go under state control because of the unconscionable poor management of district funds.  The waste and total lack of fiscal responsibility is still evident.   The more money they get the more they spend.  

They now have hired a person to manage the demolition of district buildings and construction of the new buildings.  What does Mark North do?   What does the architect do?   What does the construction companies do? 

The public has not been informed via public meetings or per the constant postcard that is sent to everyone in the district.  What are the plans?  What will be demolished?   Where will the board office be located?   Where will the school clinic be located?   How many children will you be adding to the district per the Early Childhood Development Center?   They managed to pass a levy with zero information as to your plans for the Lebanon children.

Your card gives mundane information that does not apply to over 67% of the homes in the district.   We do not need to know when kindergarten registration commences or how students may earn “extra credit.”  

The district does have access to every student’s email and their parent’s email.   They also have their phone numbers and addresses.

I would think that an email to one and all with this “post card” information would save money and time.    Alas, this district is not in the business of doing either.    Yes, and they could save even more money by doing their jobs and cutting the position of Public Relations.  The post card is part of their vague public relations.

I have listed just a few of the levies that have been passed and spent by the people who are in the business of running this district.  These people are insatiable.   They will never have enough money.    They spend it as fast as they grab it from us.   They take people to court that can’t afford to pay their taxes.   Those people are put out on the street.   They don’t care.  They will line their pockets and strip ours.  

They may claim that they operate in a fiscally responsible manner, but the facts tell a different story.

These people are ingrates.   They are union thugs who don’t care if they put granny on the street.   The union, the OSBA, the ODE, the Buckeye Association of School Administrators, the Ohio Council for Elementary School Science, the OEA, NEA and other school related groups teach all of the locals how to manipulate the public and get more money from every property owner.   

They are experts and have years of experience in this “extortion racket.”    I feel free to call it that because they always promote each and every levy as “for the children.”    It is never ever for the children. 

Yes, the district does also receive federal grants, state money and other income.   When they accept certain federal funds they are obligated to implement Common Core.   The more of your tax dollars that you send to the local schools the easier it is for them to buy the entire Common Core curriculum and the computers necessary to indoctrinate your children. 

If you will notice every district is in the business of building new schools.  These schools are being planned and built for Agenda 21 – Sustainable Development.   This will be followed by The New World Order. 
Please wake up and see what your schools are really doing to your children.  Please monitor what they are being taught and what they are not taught about our country and how we are the last glimmer of light and of hope and liberty left in the world.    People die trying to immigrate to this great nation.   Our children are only taught negative stories about the United States. 

Yes, we are talking about a levy, but with our money the government school systems are destroying our country child by child.  Please do work to defeat this levy and every levy until the school leaders do their job . . . . . . educate our children how to think critically.   How to extrapolate facts from fiction would be beneficial to every person.    

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