Monday, September 23, 2013


Passing tax levies is a full time job for Mark North, Superintendent of Lebanon City School District.  The highly paid administrators of the district work year around on public relations in order to pass levy after levy.   Mr. North’s contract includes a stipulation that says the district will pay for memberships in various organizations.   He is on the board of the Chamber of Commerce.    This organization tends to endorse all levies that are proposed.   I would suggest to property owners that they do not spend their money at any business that endorses a levy.
LCNB is involved in endorsing the levies too.   There is a branch of LCNB in the high school.   Mr. Eric Meilstrup, a LCNB executive is been the treasurer of the campaign committee.  You will see his name on the levy post cards.   Chip Bonny, Vice President of Commercial Lending at LCNB is a school board member.  He was formerly employed at Huntington Bank, where just coincidentally, the district borrowed a huge amount of money.   (Does a million dollars sound significant to anyone?)    Most people would call this a huge conflict of interest.

Every levy is promoted that it is for providing a quality education and “for the children.”   No one can explain why the quality of education would go down while the same teachers (union members) are standing at the head of the classroom.   Sometimes the propaganda says that the morale of the staff will go down if the teachers don’t receive a raise on top of their step raises.   

The people that are employed by government should take into consideration the lower standard of living that occurs for non-governmental workers.  Higher and higher taxes are demanded while many have to work two jobs to make ends meet.  This does affect the working person’s morale and diet.

People have been conditioned to believe that more money results in a better education.    There are plenty of statistics that deny this statement.   We have been conditioned to believe that the property owners “owe” the children an education.   The propaganda is used in the classroom in various ways.  There are threats that a favorite activity or class will be cut.  The favorite target is cutting bussing.  These threats do cause anxiety and fear.   Cutting bussing or charging huge fees for extracurricular activities creates a burden on families.   Of course this is exactly what the unions want to accomplish.   They want people to be subservient to the government wants and desires of the union activists.

 We, the taxpayers, are no better off than the serfs of old.  The fact is we pay far more in taxes than the feudal serfs paid.   We are currently paying about 50% of our income. Soon the “Affordable Care Act” will be enforced.   The cost will bankrupt many families.    Many more people will be working 30 hours or less.   These people will have to purchase their own health plan.   The cost of all plans has escalated.   Many will face fines because they will have to choose food and a roof over their heads or Obama-Care. 

The “COST OF GOVERNMENT DAY” fell on July 15 last year.  A list of taxes includes:  Gas and electric bill fees and taxes, Water and sewer fees and taxes, Federal, state and local gasoline tax, TV cable/satellite fees and taxes, Federal telephone surtax, excise tax and universal charge, Federal telephone surtax, excise tax and universal surcharge, State telephone excise tax and surcharge, Telephone minimum usage and recurring/non-recurring charge tax, Waste management tax, Oil and gas assessment tax, Air travel: $3.80 per segment plus a security fee and Passenger Facility Charges, Hotel tax, Car rental tax, Road and bridge tolls, Alcohol and cigarette tax, Driver’s license renewal fee, Passport fee, Nature trail permit, Watercraft registration and license, State and national park permits and entrance fees, New car surcharge, Luxury and gas-guzzler car tax, Recreational vehicle tax, Jewelry taxes and surcharges, Yacht and luxury boat taxes, Hunting license, Fishing license, Bike license fee, Dog permit/fee, Sports stadium tax, Entertainment tax etc. etc. 
I would urge voters to never vote themselves another tax.  The voters should elect people that promise to stop taxing the people.  

  When a person loses the fruit of his labor, he has lost his liberty.


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  1. When local school superintendent makes as much as the governor of our state, the tax payers have a problem. Time to turn the money off, off.