Friday, September 27, 2013

The LCSD Property Is Off Limits To Taxpayers

Today I am reporting an incident at the Lebanon City School District bus garage.   No Tax Jack was at the garage taking pictures of Francis Dunlavy school, Berry and the garage facility.   He parked his truck in the front of the garage building and started taking a few pictures.  

A Lebanon school bus pulled up and blocked his truck.  The driver (Russ on his shirt) jumped out of the bus and started accosting Jack.   He got right up in his face and started interrogating him.   "What are you doing here?" "You aren't allowed here."   Jack asked him, "Are you intending to kidnap me?"    Russ just kept telling him that he wasn't allowed on the property and had no business on the property.  He seemed to be scared to death.

Russ immediately pulled out his cell phone and excitedly started punching in numbers.   He was very agitated and seemed to afraid that Jack was going to discover something at the facility.

Jack left the parking lot and drove up North Broadway.  The school bus followed him up to the point where he pulled into a parking lot.   Jack then drove home.

Soon a Lebanon City police office came to his house and questioned him as to why he was at the garage.   Jack asked him if it was against the law and the officer said no.   He then told Jack that he had excited those people at the garage.  No reason was given.    He told Jack that "they" weren't going to prosecute him.   (Why would they think about prosecuting a taxpayer that was simply taking photos?)

It seems pretty obvious that something is going on that those in charge don't want the rest of us to know about.   Why would a bus driver feel compeled to accost a citizen for taking pictures?    Is he some kind of enforcer?   We do know that they have used the bus facility to hand out levy signs.   Employees of the district were doing the work.  It is strictly against the law to use school facilities or employees to work for the passage of levies.

This summer I drove up Water Street to the bus garage.  Vehicles that were going into the bus parking lot came back out and stared me down.  I did a turn around on the gravel that is on the side of the street.    A black SUV followed me all the way to East Street.    I saw that SUV parked at the Francis Dunlavy building.   There is a sign on the building that states that Dunlavy is the "Maintenance Department."    Something is going on that they don't want us to know.   

Anyone with information, please make a comment on this blog.    We need to inform the taxpayers just where their money is being spent.    People need to know about the secrecy that is the way LCSD operates.

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1 comment:

  1. They weren't going to prosecute him?? How long will people fund their own tyranny? I guess until every right is stripped and even then if there's food in the fridge and gas in the car (thx ebt) then they'll be no reason to push back on anything. Do we not still teach our kids to question with boldness...everything?

    Liberty is never more safer than when politicians are terrified.
    That's what you have in this district. Straight up politicians on the school board and at the head. What's needed here is an uprising of epic proportions as to remind those that have forgotten their place that elitism will not be tolerated by those that pay them.
    This man was within his civic rights and knows it. Until they put up no tresspassing signs, he is a (forced) stockholder in the company that is lebanon public education. If a sign were to ever go up...that begs a whole different set of problems. For the elitests.

    Will Lebanon sit down and shut up just like the federal guv't is damanding?