Monday, July 7, 2014



I want my mommy

Every school district has similar or exactly the same scenario going on.   A building program of some kind is where the money can drain without scrutiny.

The school districts like to call their propaganda meetings with the public "conversation" meetings or "listening" sessions.   In actuality these leaders really don't have to have much of a meeting with the taxpayers or even parents.   There are plenty of employees who live in the district that can fill in as "the public."    Lakota says that they are "evaluating" a proposed "partnership" with building a Boys and Girls Club on the old Union School site.   They are NOT evaluating this program.   It has been decided.

This project means demolishing the historic building (once the Union Township Hall) on the chosen site. (History means nothing to the change agents.  In fact they are eliminating history in our schools.) The district would then contract to build a new and more luxurious state of the art building.   The district taxpayers have spent millions refurbishing this building and all that money would go down the drain.    I'm sure Ms. Mantia doesn't care.   Her job is to follow the federal aim to control our children from toddler to high school and beyond.  She will be long gone and the property owners will be stuck with the bill.

It isn't enough that the taxpayers are asked to build luxurious new buildings for K - 12, but now we must take care of the toddlers and after school time.   Ms. Mantia and the feds want preschool, all day kindergarten and a boys and girls club to be paid for by the taxpayers.   Many people are wondering just when the parents are responsible for caring for their children.   Does the state via the taxpayers have the right to instill all values, attitudes and beliefs in our children?  They are doing just that every day.

Lakota Local School District is "not" by any stretch of the imagination a poor inner city school district.  They state that 20% of the students are on the free lunch program.   Probably most of these students are coming from the few apartment complexes in the district.   I am told that the two person to a bedroom rule is no longer being enforced.   This would account for many of the students on the subsidized program.

What we do know is that the district voters never voted to implement any preschool, Early Childhood Development Centers.    These were added to the district without need or desire.   Kathy Klink, when superintendent, took the initiative to open the first building.  She had to go out and enlist people to sign up to put their child into the program.    Of course there were some that took advantage of the cheap alternative to a nanny or daycare.

School districts like to call their "new" and "innovative" plans "strategic" planning.   Government school leaders are on a mission for "CHANGE."   The plans have been in process for many years.   One baby step at a time they are taking over the minds of our children.    It is not a coincidence that the district suddenly came up with a new "strategic plan" to build a Girls and Boys Club, all day kindergarten, preschool with the end goal of the government's complete control of our children.

The purpose of public education was to make sure every person could read, write and compute at a level necessary to survive.   Through the years the power of the governmental dictates and the leftist union controlled every detail of the curriculum and the school day.    As the introduction of multiculturalism, social and sexual diversity, psychological and mental evaluation and testing etc. there is little time left for what most of would call "the basics."

The test scores have plummeted even though the tests are rigged.  The curriculum has been expanded for the worse.  The solutions given by the government and educational establishment have always involved more money, more unnecessary subjects and more indoctrination.  Each "new" plan is given a new name.   These days it is called "Common Core."   This is just another name for Goals 2000, Race to the Top, School to Work etc.   All are designed by the same committees in Washington, D.C. at the Department of Education.   All of the programs were designed to cost more and to further dumb down our population.  There is no local control.   The control is in Washington, D.C.  The local leaders are simply puppets of "the system."

Just keep focused on what is at the bottom of all of these "new" ideas.   For many it is greed.   All of these programs cost huge "investments" of dollars.   In the case of this Boys and Girls Club,  there are grants available through a $25 billion settlement by five of the largest mortgage lenders involved in deceptive practices used to foreclose on property owners.   Attorney General Mike DeWine provided $4.35 million of the state's settlement to the Ohio Alliance of Boys and Girls Clubs.   Lakota received a small $750,000 grant.    It will take many millions of local money to build a new building.   That $750,000 is just a drop in the bucket.  Just ask yourself who benefits from a building program?    Surprise,  the architects, builders, contractors and staff, that's who.  Who are these people?  What are their names?

I used to be the den mother of a local Cub Scout troop.   We were allowed to have our meetings after school at Liberty Elementary.    We were kicked out by the school principal and I ended up having our meetings at my home.   I still ask, why can't the community use these expensive buildings?   Why can't clubs and community groups meet in our buildings?    Why do the district dictators determine who can use the buildings?   The union can use our buildings, but we can't.   WHY?

If parents want to start a boys and girls club, let them use the buildings available in the district.   We built them and we should utilize them for many purposes.   No superintendent stays long enough to force their values on our community.    Superintendents should do their job and oversee the employees.   We are not subjects.   We own the buildings.  It is time to lay down the law and stop these unilateral decisions.  We are not subjects.


  1. With all the problems in the nation do we need these extra problems. Can't we just leave things alone, let the kids come to school give them a good education and let all the political things rest. What happened to the old fashion way of teaching our kids, without a union, it worked pretty darn well in the past. Now if the teachers don't have air conditioning they can't teach. If they don't get their step raise they want to go on strike, look at Mason. I say go back to the old way of teaching and leave all the union hype out.

  2. The system is broke. The people in charge have been allowed to do as they please, teach what they please, spend as they please and tax as they please. They have done this with little or no scrutiny. They have been allowed to cover up drug abuse, sexual abuse, physical and psychological abuse, graft and corruption (theft) with little if any attention given to the crimes. The teachers and administration do not want bad publicity and so all is swept under the carpet. Many even rig test scores. I have known leaders that threw bad scores in the garbage and readministered the test with more of the slower children removed from the room. In many cases they are taken on a field trip. Many districts have been caught erasing and changing answers. A teacher is rarely fired due to tenure and the negative publicity that would ensue. They are allowed to resign, given a sizable severance pay and a great letter of recommendation. The union calls all of the shots.