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Here it is in plain English right from the Communist philosophy.   This should sound very familiar.    This is what our president and his colleagues have been preaching.   This is exactly what Hillary Clinton preached in her book "It Takes a Village."   Think of the radical Bill Ayers and his wife Bernadine Dohrn, the radicals that now write curriculum.   This is not the beliefs of our Founders.   This is not the freedom that we were taught was our birthright - our inalienable right.    Our children do not belong to the state.  ****Note that free people are denoted as "bourgeois."   

"In bourgeois society, the child is regarded as the property of its parents - if not wholly, at least to a major degree. When parents say, 'My daughter', 'My son', the words do not simply imply the existence of a parental relationship, they also give expression to the parents' view that they have a right to educate their own children. From the socialist outlook, no such right exists. The individual human being does not belong to himself, but to society, to the human race. The individual can only live and thrive owing to the existence of society. The child, therefore, belongs to the society in which it lives, and thanks to which it came into being - and this society is something wider than the 'society' of its own parents. To society, likewise, belongs the primary and basic right of educating children. From this point of view, the parents' claim to bring up their own children and thereby to impress upon the children's psychology their own limitations, must not merely be rejected, but must be absolutely laughed out of court. Society may entrust the education of children to the parents; but it may refuse to do anything of the kind; and there is all the more reason why society should refuse to entrust education to the parents, seeing that the faculty of educating children is far more rarely encountered than the faculty of begetting them. Of one hundred mothers, we shall perhaps find one or two who are competent educators. make it possible for socialist society to train the coming generation.  The future belongs to social education. Social education will t successfully, at lowest cost, and with the least expenditure of energy.
The social education of children, therefore, must be realized for other reasons besides those of pedagogy.  It has enormous economic advantages. Hundreds of thousands, millions of mothers will thereby be freed for productive work and for selfculture. They will be freed from the soul-destroying routine of housework, and from the endless round of petty duties which are involved in the education of children in their own homes.

That is why the Soviet Power is striving to create a number of institutions for the improvement of social education, which are intended by degrees to universalize it. To this class of institutions belong the kindergartens, to which manual workers, clerks, etc., can send their children, thus entrusting them to experts who will prepare the children for school life. To this category, too, belong the homes or residential kindergartens. There are also children's colonies, where the children either live permanently, or for a considerable period, away from their parents. There are in addition the crèches, institutions for the reception of children under four years of age; in these the little ones are cared for while their parents are at work.

The Communist Party, therefore, must, on the one hand, ensure, through the working of soviet institutions, that there shall be a more rapid development of the places where children are prepared for school life, and it must ensure that there shall be a steady improvement in the training given at such places. On the other hand, by intensified propaganda among parents, the party must overcome bourgeois and petty-bourgeois prejudices concerning the necessity and superiority of home education. Here theoretical propaganda must be reinforced by the example of the best conducted educational institutions of the Soviet Power. Only too often, the unsatisfactory condition of the homes; crèches, kindergartens, etc., deters parents from entrusting their children to these. It must be the task of the Communist Party, and especially of the women's sections, to induce parents to strive for the improvement of social education, not by holding aloof from it, but by sending their children to the appropriate institutions, and by exercising the widest possible control over them through parents' organizations."


Keep the Revolution Alive!!
Get the message out about LHS rules

Objective: Create a series of propaganda techniques to promote some of the school’s rules.

Top Secret Propaganda Assignment:

You have just been hired to head the “super secret” propaganda department at Lebanon High School. The administration is concerned that enemies of the glorious “Improved Learning for Everyone” Revolution are among us. There is word that a group of students are potentially subversive and are thereby not willfully following the rules, a problem that threatens the “Improved Learning for Everyone” Revolution. As a result, the administration wants to find an effective way to re-enforce the school’s rules and encourage all students to follow them. In the name of keeping the school’s “Improved Learning for Everyone” Revolution alive, the administration has asked your group to:
ü      Select three school policies and/or rules.
ü      Develop different types of information programs that incorporate different propaganda techniques studied in our unit. This could be techniques from your web search as well as those used in Animal Farm.
ü      Create three different visual aids to complement the propaganda you develop. (It could include posters to put up, slogans to disseminate, pamphlets to distribute around school, a series of mass e-mails, a videotaped ad, or any idea you have.)

Your work is aimed at the students in Lebanon High School, but designed to be propaganda with the purpose of promoting the views and position of the administration.

Create three different propaganda campaigns with some kind of catchy visual aid – this could include posters to put up, slogans to disseminate, pamphlets to distribute around school, a series of mass e-mails, a videotaped ad, or any idea you have. Refer back to the examples from propaganda website. Each of your propaganda pieces should incorporate a different propaganda technique as seen in Animal Farm or from the propaganda internet assignment. Explain each campaign in a paragraph that identifies 1) the type of propaganda used, 2)a description of how it will work in Lebanon High School, and 3) the intended hidden message.

Due date _______________ 

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