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Meet Our Facilitator
(Named Professional Facilitator) "is an expert in creating conversation. As a third party facilitator for all of (the district's) community conversations, he allows school leadership to dedicate their time and energy to doing what they need to do...listen." 

"He is the executive director at specialized citizens group for Civic Renewal, an organization committed to engaging citizens to help build and strengthen our communities together  He will lead a conversation that will help the community collectively answer a key question: What do our kids need to succeed?"                   (i have removed the specific names.) 

The above paragraph was found online regarding the very special field of convincing a community to pass a levy.  When you see the word "facilitator" be very cautious in your trust of the information coming out of their mouth.   Always remember that the government schools are totally controlled by the union.  Their constant demands for more money, more benefits and less classroom responsibility require that the property owners transfer more and more money from their income into the pockets of the union members and administrators of each district.

When these people state that "it takes a village" they mean that the village must keep paying more and more taxes to satisfy the "contract" that has been negotiated with the union.   This is the reason that every district keeps saying that they cannot pay their bills.   They say they need more money to "operate' the district. Rarely are they specific. Rarely, do they explain how the debt was incurred.  They whitewash or sweep under the carpet each and every evil deed that is committed in "the business."

They are never accountable.   They don't appreciate nor welcome people who ask questions.   Where are the bids?   Why has the public been eliminated from school board meetings?   Why were Lebanon police officers preventing the public from entering the school board meetings?  Why were police patrol cars circling the parking lot during the board meeting.   Most importantly, why doesn't any newspaper ever report this travesty of justice.  I, personally was threatened with arrest for simply trying to sign the paper that is mandatory to speak or ask a question. at the meeting. Not one person standing outside was there in a threatening manner. Most of the people standing there were senior citizens that cannot afford to pay more taxes.  The sad truth is that parents of students are AFRAID to be seen even speaking to the people who do ask the questions.

The way they filled the room ahead of time was to have the union members take the seats early.   I was told that this was not a request, but an order to the staff.   

Every newspaper depends on "school news" for filler.  Most of these local papers could not exist without school news. The administration is well aware of that fact.   These papers consist of advertizing, school news and some local news.   Even the new little "fishwrap" that is mailed to every household in Lebanon is a propaganda piece for the schools.   The last issue had a front page article and endorsement of "the levy."   The publishers little tirade promotes the myth that lower taxes hinder the sale of real estate.   Really????

Professional "facilitators,"  public relation specialists and consultants are paid very well to get the job done.   They are usually paid with tax dollars.   The citizens who oppose tax increases are labeled as crackpots and worse.   For example, in our district private meetings were held by the superintendent to discredit people who exposed the incompetence and waste.  They often call these citizens "liars"  (and worse) even though they have taken the facts and numbers from public documents - including audits.

The district's facilitators pretend they want to "listen," but in fact they only want to speak to those that agree with them.  Many districts are now saying they have "conversations" with the community.   All meetings are stacked with employees.  It is pre-arranged and rehearsed how the meeting will be constructed.  If you go to one of these "conversation" meeting you had better agree with the facilitator.    They steer the meeting to the prearranged end "consensus."   (Consensus is another one of their buzz words.)  

Of course, all levies are passed by manipulating the facts, the numbers and the people involved.  The employees of every district belong to state and national organizations that aid and abet them in the job of convincing parents and taxpayers that every cent is "for the children."   (OSBA, NSBA, BASA, NEA, OEA, ODE etc.) Does anyone still believe that more money equals a better education?   Tenure alone destroys that possibility.  

John Stocks
Executive Director, NEA

The children are not a priority in the school business.  If people would think rationally they would come to the conclusion that they have been played over and over again.  The union leaders admit that the children are not a priority.   

In the past teachers were believed to be the pillars of the community.   They were dedicated to their job.  They dressed professionally.   They demanded that each and every student pay attention in class and display good manners to the teachers and to their fellow students.  There was a dress code that was conducive to learning and not a distraction.  In those days the test scores did not have to be rigged.

Because of the liberal philosophy of the NEA all these rules were thrown out.   Everyone was supposed to display their individual identity.   The egos of one and all were to be massaged with psychological gobbledegook and fads such as "I'm Okay, You're Okay."   In other words "if it feels good do it,"  remove all inhibitions, there is no right and no wrong, Christianity is not allowed but Secular Humanism is allowed, be a free spirit, your parents don't need to know and by all means feel free to dress according the way you want to express yourself.   

Does anyone believe that the above changes helped the learning process.   Don't believe the test scores either.   Sometimes only 33% have to pass the test to get a high score.   This is not excellence, but is rigged to make the school districts claim "Excellent" as their scores.    People would be wise to consider the makeup of the district's population before believing the propaganda.

I say let them be totally accountable before passing another levy
I do not have any more money to burn.  Many seniors will be forced to move out of their homes.  We have been taxed to the max by all levels of government and more taxation is coming down the pike.   Taxation is destroying the American way of life and the middle class.


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