Monday, August 4, 2014



Have you been informed by the Lebanon City School Board as to 
the purpose of this "road to nowhere?" 

This appears to be a very expensive project?
Have you any idea of what companies bid on this job?
Do you have any idea as to the cost of this project?

Plenty of man hours have been consumed with the construction
of this road.    How many jobs were created?

The public should petition their elected representatives in Columbus to stop the constant barrage of levies by school boards across the state.  November should be the only time that a levy of any kind is allowed on the ballot.   That is when most people know that there is an election.   The district rulers know that when fewer people vote, it gives them the ability to get "their people" to the polls.   When as few as 10% of the registered voters bother to go to the polls, a group with a vested interest (union) has the manpower to get their people to the polls or help seniors (and others) cast their votes absentee.  They manage to use our tax dollars against us.    It is a game of monopoly with the cards stacked against the taxpayers. 

The district taxpayers will foot bill for this "special election."    I am told that the cost will be around $65,000.00.  That amount could pay for at least part of a teacher's salary.  The Lebanon school levy is the only thing on the ballot.   Every polling place in the LCSD will have to be fully manned.   

Remember that this levy was originally sold to the district as an "emergency."  The district should have cleared up its debts and stopped their spending spree.    The more you give them, the more they will spend.
There are plenty of areas that the district could cut costs without harming the children's education.   We have a "special interest group" running education in this town and in the country.   That group is the UNION!

The district spends our money as they please.   After they pass a levy, the money flows and the spending goes higher and higher.   When they run out they just put on a "Special Election"  and make sure their union members get their people out to convince the parents that it is "critical" to their child's education to give them more money.    Remember Little Miami went to the voters thirteen times before they were able to pass a levy.   It is time for people to go to board meetings and hold these people accountable.  

Quoting from a Letter to the Editor by Chris Martin, ". . . . . even the Ohio Supreme Court recently admonished (losing 5 of 6 counts of Ohio Open Meetings statutes).   You paid for both sides, plus damages to the plaintiff.   Enjoy your next tax bill."   Just imagine the cost of this appeal to you, the taxpayers.   This was pushed from the local courts, to the court of appeals to the Ohio Supreme Court by your school board and their lawyers that are paid by you the working stiffs of the district.

This is all true.   The district was willing to hire multiple lawyers to take a citizen (mother of a student) all the way to the Ohio Supreme Court to contest her right to sit in a board meeting.   This is how secret the inner workings are by the Lebanon City School District school board and superintendent.   They do hide the facts from "we the people."   HOW CAN WE TRUST THOSE THAT PREFER TO HIDE THE FACTS FROM THOSE THAT ARE PAYING THE BILLS?


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