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Did anyone ever wonder why a school district needs a Director of Community Relations and other consultants to help the "professionals" communicate with the community, taxpayers and parents?   We have been told over and over again that the superintendents, assistant superintendents, principals and teachers are THE professionals.   We need to "trust" them.    They know what is best for the students and for the community in general. I have had that "trust" speech directed at me so many times.

Springboro Community City Schools officials really want to "hear from the residents."   (Does that sound like a broken record?)    These, so called professionals,  have a "brilliant" idea on how to do that.   They call the program "Many Voices Process"  or MVP for cuteness.  This is going to be a "yearlong"  effort to "create guiding statements and a vision for the schools."   They are going to "outreach" and believe this or not - it is not for a levy or building program.

Superintendent Todd Petrey (formerly of Lakota) says, "This is not a sales pitch."   Yeah right!    This is propaganda pure and simple.   It is aimed to focus the communities every thought and interest on how important the school district is to the community.   This MVP program is going to cost the taxpayers plenty.   

MVP is being guided (let's just say it - facilitated by more than 30 community volunteers.  I would bet all of them have been  selected for their loyalty to the union and administration.   In fact, probably half are teachers and many others from the PTA loyalists.    We wouldn't want anyone that might cause a little dissension by asking questions that were a little too in depth.     For example, Why are you spending all this money and all this time on a project asking questions.   Questions that professionals should have known the answers to years and years ago.   Maybe at the time of Socrates or even later at the time of the one room schools.

Get this, Karen DeRosa, the district's community relations consultant, superintendent Petrey and Jeffrey Stec from Citizens for Civic Renewal will be taking time to facilitate the meetings in three phases.    Sounds really important doesn't it?    I am sure that the district knows full well that all the people want is for the children to get a fine education and not to be indoctrinated by teachers in red shirts with an agenda.      

I believe that the union provoked so many people with their sea of red shirts and wearing them all week in the classroom didn't go over so well with the students or the parents.   In fact the bullying techniques used by the district's employees did make a permanent negative impression on everyone, including many teachers that don't appreciate those tactics.

They say the first phase will identify "values and beliefs."   The second phase is a "long range" plan for the school system.  The final phase will be to write a mission statement.   How about this idea?   The Springboro schools were built and paid for by the taxpayers so that our children have the skills to live their lives able to read, write, compute, have a sense of world and U.S. history and geography.     They do not have to have the daily indoctrination by facilitators on a mission to change the values, beliefs and attitudes that were taught by their parents and their church.   Let their parents handle that part of their upbringing.

The school districts like to call this charade "strategic planning."    Do they really need to spend money over and over again to reinvent the wheel?    Don't they test score the students over and over to get the results they need to meet the state and federal criteria.   This is so much wasted time and energy.   The tests have been "dumbed down" so many times that they are really pretty meaningless.    

One of the Lebanon school board meetings that I attended the superintendent bragged that "we do teach to the test."    So what good is the educational process if the students are not able to critically think and use deductive reasoning.   What if many districts don't have time to teach cursive handwriting.   Learning cursive does develop another area of the brain that is essential to the educational and thinking process.   Of course, Common Core doesn't require cursive so the educational establishment prefers to drop that skill.

Ms. LaRosa might just be the person that directed Lebanon School District's "Implication Wheel" survey.   Fifty people were selected for that fiasco.   Most of them were teachers and principals.    The whole thing was rigged to give the district the answers that they had preordained.    They divided the people into tables and rigged each table with teachers, teacher's relatives and administrators.    I got into a little trouble because one very rude teacher commiserated that "she had had several courses in "conflict resolution" and she just couldn't understand why she couldn't convince me to vote against the ROTC.     At that time the administration was hell bent on getting rid of the ROTC.   Imagine that?

The Springboro plan is a plan that is used in almost all school districts.   It is nothing new and has been going on for years and years.    It is pure propaganda that is used to get the participants to declare a program that was preordained from the beginning.

This is propaganda at it finest.     It is meant to convince the community to do whatever the educational establishment wants.    Just imagine if all of these millions and billions of dollars were actually spent on giving our students the best education possible.    Not the indoctrination that reduces all students to the lowest common denominator.    

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  1. I would vote to get rid of ROTC and ALL sports. If you want to talk education, then let us all put our money where our mouth is.

    No one wants to really do that.