Monday, June 9, 2014



The teacher's union has been gaining more and more power through the years.   In reality we have allowed them to control many aspects of our communities.   They have even gained control in our churches.  They control many public offices and make every effort to control all school boards.  They have the power to get their people elected and they use the schools to do it.

School district administrators have made sure they have up to date computerized information on all students and parents.   They are able to send out messages in a short amount of time.   They can alert parent in short order that school has been called off due to the weather.    They can also remind parents to register, to vote, to work on the levy campaign etc.   They are able to hire consultants to run the campaign.   Few are wise to the tactics that are being used against them.   

When a local member of the community runs for school board they will do everything possible to make sure that person is targeted negatively and constantly.   I have served as a school board member.  I was targeted at every board meeting and by the media.   Every time I would ask a question the administration and their union hit squad would boo and hiss and make fun of me.   I usually requested a forensic audit to be made of the district's finances.   It had become apparent to me that funds were being wasted and worse.  The administration did not feel that they were accountable to the board.  They did as they pleased and no questions were allowed.   I can't count how many times I was given the "trust speech."    In other words just sit there and let us spend as we please.   

I ran for the school board because I wanted to have the opportunity to have a voice in some of the decisions being made by the district.   One of the things I hope to get implemented was a true gifted program.  The board is supposed to represent their community.   I had volunteered for years for the district and for the community.    To the administration I had the major flaw of actually wanting to perform my duties as a board member.   In the school business that is a no no.  You must be a rubber stamp.

Luckily there were a few honest people in the system.   They were willing to show me examples of outright theft and mismanagement.   For example, when the stadium lights didn't work (new stadium) and had to be left on all day during practice sessions in the middle of summer, I was told that "their friend" would redo the system and be paid the full amount for doing the job again.   Same with the roofs, plumbing, equipment, buses etc.   The superintendent once told me that his secretary's husband did all of the electrical work.  In every school district you will find these incestuous type of  relationships where friends and family are in on the scam.  Each one of them getting their share of the pie.

When the next election came around a trio of candidates that were supported by the administration and the union ran for the school board.   Teachers went door to door campaigning for their "team."   They ridiculed my efforts as "sticking my nose where it didn't belong" and not supporting the "children."   This was, of course, not true.   I had three children in the system.   I had been president of the band organization - a full time job of raising money for new uniforms.   I was told by students that their teachers had told them that sports and band would be eliminated if I got elected.   These were students that I knew and trusted.   The"team"  even wrote a horrible letter criticizing one of their candidates.  They put it in the paper and said that I had written the letter.   This was just another dirty union trick put out at the last minute and difficult to refute. 

This is a common scenario of how the school districts operate.   The levies are never "for the children." They are always for higher salaries and benefits.    An extremely small percentage of the General Fund is used for other things.   They have to keep asking for more money because every union contract guarantees a "step raise" every year.   If the money runs out they go on strike to enlarge the district's budget so that there is even more of our tax dollars to pay for better benefits and raises in addition to their regular "step raises."

Locally we have two huge examples of how this works and how they control a community.  In Springboro a lady was elected to the board.   She was and is an extremely qualified person with a doctorate degree.  She was determined to serve the community with honesty and integrity.   In fact she had four children in the system.and it was important to her that all children in the district received an excellent academic education. As soon as this lady sat on the board the union went after her.  They spent her entire four year term making her life miserable.  They went on a letter writing attack in the newspapers and on a local blog site.  They sent out fliers to the community, they harassed her at board meetings.   They went into a planned chaos mode and orchestrated a power play in the community.   

The lady was trying to make sure that the district received a better bang for the bucks they were spending. The OEA helped with the plan of attack against her and her ideas.    A  few of the parents were convinced to join the union in the attack.  (Interesting to note that at least one of the worst of them was given a job and another was given a seat on the board.)  They even went after her children and her husband's job.   These are some evil people in charge of  your children all day.  Remember it is all about the money and power.   We all know that "absolute power does corrupt."

During this entire period and longer the district had a man that headed up the school sports association.  He managed to embezzle close to a half million dollars from the fund.   This thief did not receive anywhere near the hate that the decent board member has received. 

The district had a superintendent that had basically been run out of another district.   As soon as he arrived he decided to go on a major building spree.   (Many/most superintendents do this.)     The union got busy and worked to get a bond issue passed and unnecessary buildings went up.   (They even used a perfectly fine school for storage because they had overbuilt.)   He had built a large medical building with the hope of using space for doctor's offices. (WHY?)  One "trainer" worked in that huge building.   He got so lonely in that empty building that he managed to spend most of his time in the main high school building.   Soon the superintendent left town just ahead of an investigation.   (They always leave when the people start asking questions.)  I would bet he is doing similar damage to another district.   

The next illustration is the Kings School District.   This district has had one scandal after another.  They are currently fighting a lawsuit where a special ed teacher was abusing her helpless students.   The board and administration covered this up and did nothing for some time.  They knew this teacher was unfit for the classroom and yet she stayed.    Soon an aide reported the acts to someone that did bring this to the attention of the parents.   The administration's solution was to give the teacher a letter of recommendation, a buy out and allow her to resign.   The last I heard she was in a parochial school.   

There have been cases of administrators having affairs with other employees, mold growing in the duct work (that they denied) until people were getting sick, waste and constant levies.   The board consisted of the same kind of "yes" people (including a former King's teacher labeled the Queen of Kings by Michael Clark.    
At the last board election a new person was elected to the board.  Now they are going after her.   She has only had six months as a board member, but that is far too long for the union.   They have decided that she has to go.   (In the meantime the superintendent left before anything else was exposed.   She is now in another district getting even more money.)  

A former school board member is passing a petition to remove the new board member from office.  He has started up a committee called Concerned Citizens of the Kings Local School District.   I'm sure they will use all the same tactics used on me, the Springboro board member and others.  These people can say anything they want and the media will print it.   I know this lady to be a person of the highest integrity.  She only wants what is best for the students.   She has no agenda other than to be a part of making Kings a truly great district academically.   

Please note that superintendents move around a lot.   They go on spending/building sprees, put levy after levy on the ballot and them move on to another district ahead of any investigation.   The Little Miami superintendent did this.  Now he is at the Greenon school district trying to get a levy for new buildings there. They all use the same methods because the union and the Ohio School Boards Association have tons of money to pay for consultants that use their tricks of propaganda and manipulation to intimidate and convince the public that "in order for the children to obtain a better education you must pay high salaries and have new buildings."  You can see the same tactics all over the country.

The barrage of  union propaganda constantly demanding more money so that the government schools can provide a better education is a fabrication made up to get the taxpayers to vote for a levy.   Tons of statistics, including a Harvard study, has proven, that the billions and billions of additional dollars spent by the government schools hasn't made a difference.    If you think about it, no matter how many raises you give a teacher, it is the same person that did a lousy job the previous semester.   I urge you to sit outside of the schools and observe the teachers leaving the building.   Tell me if you think they look professional. 


  1. this needs printed and passed to everyone in the district.

  2. I respect that this has been investigated and is well documented. I wish there was a way to get all parents and tax paying citizens to feel this impowered.