Thursday, November 7, 2013


"In the Seattle suburb of Des Moines, John Rosentangle won 71 percent of the vote over write-in candidates in the King County Water District 54. Rosentangle died last August of an illness. He was 63. 

In a city council race on the Washington coast in Aberdeen, John Erak, also dead, is leading Alan Richrod, very much alive, with 53 percent of the vote. The 81-year-old Erak was a former state representative and died in June shortly after announcing he was running to retain his seat. As of yesterday his lead was only 12 votes, and the results weren't final.

Both men died after the filing period closed and their names could not be removed from ballots. 

Should both candidates win, they will still be dead." 

In the small town of Lebanon, Ohio two candidates ran for school board.   Two slots were open.   (Ryan Patterson is currently on the school board.)   His running mate is a guy by the name of Brian DeGennaro.   Neither bothered to send out information, attend open meetings or campaign for their position.   They were not interviewed by the paper and did not complete the survey in the paper for "candidate information."  I can't find one person that knows anything about Brian DeGennaro.   Yet, he was elected.
I did find a "DeGennaro" on the Lakota staff.   Maybe his wife is a teacher.   That would stand to reason as many school board members are teachers in other districtS or the spouse of a teacher.
If anyone knows DeGennaro please leave a comment.

In addition to the school board election the voters passed a huge levy that will change the entire face of our community's schools. Almost no real information was provided to the taxpayers regarding what the "plans" were/are.   The additional taxes are for bonds that will last 37 years.  (Longer if a board decides to stretch the time.)

This "pig in a poke" was passed with about 30% of the voters bothering to vote.   One of the tricks used over and over again by the school system is to go to a local retirement village and "vote" the population by "absentee" ballots.  I have been told by attendants that the "helpers" actually mark the ballots for some of the residents.  It is known that former school teachers go in with the ballots.  (They then carry the marked ballots to the Board of Elections.)  This is in spite of the fact that the facility has its own voting precinct. In August the residents passed the levy 152 for the levy and a mere "4" against.   I am told that the "village" is run by a church and so they do not pay taxes.  Is this fair to the homeowners whose taxes get raised over and over again?

In the August levy approximately 14% of the registered voters bothered to vote.     The union, students and their families are the core voters for the schools.   That's all they need to pass any issue including the Lebanon City Council which has at least two teachers sitting on that ruling board.  The "UNION" RULES Lebanon.

They don't care how the rest of the community is hurt by the higher and higher taxes.  They do get their big paychecks and benefits and hire their friends and relatives to receive the same.   That is their plan and it is working out great for them.

I am told that many students worked at the polls as "judges."  These students were called "Youth in the Booth."   Having students at the polls is a neat trick to put a "guilt trip" on the voters to vote for the levy.   After all, "it is for the children."   It was interesting that most of the students were listed as "Democrats."   They were sent to work by their "government teacher."   This is a Republican area, but the kids are Democrats.   Is this part of the "indoctrination?"

THE DISTRICT IS CONTROLLED BY THE NEA, OEA AND LEA.   MOST, IF NOT ALL DISTRICTS ARE CONTROLLED BY THE UNION.  The teamsters were in town when SB 5 was on the ballot.   They demonstrated with the teachers, fire and policemen.   See how it works?   

Holbrook Administration Building

This school is scheduled for demolition at a cost of $290,642.88.
The rebuilding plans say to contact Mrs. Becky S. Hill.  Mrs. Hill is no longer employed by the district.  Check out how this facility has been ignored by the maintenance department.   The photo was taken on a school day.   Notice that few are working.

There is a schedule to rebuild "something" at this site at a cost of
$6,228,016.36.   This may or may not be in the plans.  This may be the cost to rebuild a facility at that site.  We do not know because the community has NOT been involved in the planning stages.

Dunlavy is scheduled for demolition at a cost of $152,745.92. There are offices for the maintenance department in this location.

Lebanon Junior High School is scheduled for demolition.  There are offices in this building.  The cost of demolition is scheduled at $731,140.59.  The total cost of rebuilding is projected at $26,700,970.60.  This is to house grades 7-8 with a total enrollment of 883.  This is only 442 per grade and does not allow for the growth that they are saying we have. (We do not have growth.  In fact we are at a -83 from 2010-2013 per the Ohio Department of Education.)

They are not saying where all of the administration will be housed.    They are demolishing all of the current administrative office buildings.  Lakota built a huge new administrative building and did not tell the taxpayers.   They bought the land from a long time secretary of the superintendent and her husband.   All kinds of hell was raised when people found out, but nothing will stop these people.   They are all molded in the same places with the same entitlement philosophy.   

If you know what they are planning do leave a comment.

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  1. I don't however............ I have a dead president I'd like to get on the ballot! Chances slim you say??? If you have money, stroked a carreer looters ego or are just plain savvy which is almost extinct due to today's edumacational standards, there's a 100% chance!