Saturday, November 2, 2013

Lakota Fact Sheet - Reasons to Vote No On All Levies

Every district plays the same game.   They promote levies as "for the children," but it is ALWAYS for the union. Remember more money and new buildings do not guarantee a decent education.  Vote NO!   NO!  NO! 

"It's not about the students at all....Get The Facts Before You Vote
Here's why we encourage you to Vote "NO"

Let's look at some data you won't get from the other side. First, we all want to live in a district with quality schools, but we do not believe that quality is always measured in dollars.

In just four years, Springboro schools have gone from projecting a massive deficit of $28.7 million to a planned surplus of nearly $7.2 million by 2017. Learn how this change was possible, while other school districts are cutting programs, laying off teachers, raising taxes and making students pay-to-play.

Next, let's go through some facts about Lakota School District:


Lakota's enrollment has dropped from 18,473 in 2010 to 17,083 for the 2013/2014 school year - a drop of 1,390 students. It is projected to drop to 16,560 by 2017. This generates a cost savings of $9,375 per student, or $17,934,375.

New Sources of Funding

Revenue from the casinos has been flooding in. Most recently, two checks were received for $774,272. This is ongoing revenue, paid semi-annually, that goes directly to schools. This should reduce not increase Lakota property taxes!

The State of Ohio has committed to a substantial (11.6%) raise in funding for Lakota schools in 2014, as well as one in 2015. The 2014 raise alone is $4.1 Million.

The new Liberty Town Center will generate $3 million in annual, additional tax revenue.

Also, Lakota has received a check from the auditor's office for $422,534 - an unexpected windfall that goes directly to school funding.

Lakota receives 62.5% of all real estate taxes paid in the district.

What Happens If This Levy Passes

It will immediately cost the average Lakota district home owner $360 additional if this levy passes. (Average home value is $190,000.)

One person, whose home has a value of $419,000, calculated what his tax increase would be if this levy passes, using the tool available from the Butler County Auditor's website.

Their current property tax is: $7,932.24 ... and if this levy passes, his additional tax will be: $804.48

Homeowners will see this increase in just a few weeks, when tax bills are sent in January.

This levy will be devastating to seniors. When this levy is combined with the expiration of the tax "roll-back," many seniors say they will no longer be able to live in the Lakota School District. This is grossly unfair.

More Facts to Consider

Lakota School District is playing the "trump card" of "increased school security," but in fact, "security" is a small fraction of the $13 million in new tax funding they are demanding.

In fact, Lakota is only proposing to add 7 officers to the schools, at a total cost of $350,000 - which is only 2% of their $13 million levy!! What they are not telling you is 72% of this levy -$9,360,000.00 would go to increased salaries and benefits!!

Lakota formed a Finance Committee of 20 area business leaders, including the Butler County Auditor. They studied Lakota's budget and finances, and concluded a new levy was unnecessary.

Lakota refused to listen, and is now demanding an extremely expensive new tax levy from us.

We agree with the Lakota School Board formed Finance Committee, NO NEW LEVY IS NECESSARY !

We ask you to vote NO on the Lakota School Levy on November 5th."

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