Sunday, November 3, 2013


The top picture is the Turtlecreek Township Hall and truck bays.    This facility was built from scratch for about $3.5 million. *(That is what we were told and we were also told that it was paid for.)

2. This is the Lebanon City School District bus garage and offices.    This facility was renovated ? for approximately the same cost as the Turtlecreek Township facility and is not paid for.

3. This is a picture of the lovely landscaping along the side of the bus facility.   Note the junk stored in the landscaping.

4.  This is a picture of buses purchased (again) and the gas tank on the parking lot.  It is important to note that buses are leased and purchased with a bond (Loan).   Laidlaw/First Student (outsourced bus company) is no longer planning the bus routes. They were paid millions.

5. This is a picture of more junk stored in the beautiful landscaping.   I wonder if this is part of the landscaping that was supposed to be part of another $3 million that was borrowed.

6.  These are the mechanics bays.  Note the difference of this building from the truck bays at the Turtlecreek facility.    Also note the Lebanon sticker on the bus.  This is because another name used to be on the bus.  It is either a Laidlaw bus or a used bus from another district.

This is photographic proof that you cannot trust the people in charge of the LCSD.   They do not do what they say they are doing or going to do.   You just cannot trust them to completely rebuild the Lebanon City School District at their whims.   They are not competent and we are paying them far too much for what they do.   They hire consultants for every job. We are paying them and they, in turn, use our money for consultants to perform the actual job.  

We can obtain the state funds at a date in time that competent people are in charge.   The money will not be lost.   The OSFC has a credit available in the the LCSD's name.   The reason the money will be available is that Donna Norris and the rest of the board did not file the proper documents when Bowman and the high school were built.   There is no hurry to claim the money.   It is there waiting for us.

We can pass a levy in the future and plan this district's buildings with competent people in charge and the community involved in the planning stages.   

We don't want this project shoved down our throats with absolutely zero input in the plans.

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