Friday, November 1, 2013


It appears that our newest local tabloid is an arm of the school district.    So, from now on it will be called the local rag.   Perfect for collecting bird dung and for wrapping smelly fish.   It could also be called the local fish-wrap.   I will decide on the reference name at a later date.

Today's edition was a tribute to the traitor superintendent that left and then returned.   He has applied elsewhere, but no other district seems impressed with his credentials.   

Ray Miller seems to think that the best source of information pertaining to a school levy is the local superintendent.   Mr. Miller, don't you really think that particular source might be a tad bit biased?   Since you have a child/children in school I think you are biased too.  You want the very best for your kids.    

You say your son attends Donovan.   Maybe you should take a walk over to Louisa Wright.   The district has rented out part of that building to the local YMCA for the Head Start program.   If we have to use trailers for our students, just maybe the "Y" should keep the Head Start children at the "Y."    (Really it is unknown if the "Y' pays rent, but the district does pay for the district's administrators family memberships at the "Y.") 

Did Mr. North tell you that Louisa Wright will be demolished?  Did he give you detailed plans for his aim to start up an "Early Childhood Development Center?"  Did he give you the drawings for the new ADMINISTRATION BUILDING?   Just wondering.

Did you know that early childhood centers are being implemented in most districts?  Oh yes, that is the part where the government takes over the children from cradle to grave. As you know, the government knows best.   The schools are just following the Obama plan.

 Mr. Miller, you might want to take some time to read up on "Common Core." That's the system where your children are dumbed down to be "good little robots."   They won't have to think for themselves.   Just perform the tasks the government deems them "fit" or trained for assignment.   You might want to read Ayn Rand's "Anthem."   That will give you an idea of the future one world agenda.    All of the government's plans do start locally.  

Check out the clinics that are in the Mason and Springboro School district and many other districts that went into building programs.    The clinics will inoculate the students, pass out the condoms, give sexual advice and maybe even abortions.   So much to do and so little time is the mantra of the elitists in charge.   Why do you think the teachers and superintendents are paid so well?   Is it because of their incomparable talent or their willingness to proceed with the agenda?    

You say your son had to attend school in a trailer.   What a crock!   Many, many people live in trailers full time.   Many others live in unheated homes without insulation.   How many fires happen in the winter or carbon monoxide poisoning from people trying to heat their living quarters.   I'm sure the "trailer" where your son attends class is not inferior.   You think of yourself.   What about the rest of our community that is suffering from lost wages?   How many people have lost their homes?.    How many food kitchens and free stores have opened to feed the poor.   Think about the battered women's shelters in town.    Where have you been Mr. Miller?

You go on and on about air conditioning and so on.   Most of us never had air conditioning in our schools.   We weren't allowed to wear shorts and skimpy tops either.   Did you know that the district spent a fortune on Berry installing new windows and a heating system and many other energy saving devices.   They even paid thousands to a local heating "guy" to consult on those plans.   I don't know if he is a personal friend of Mr. Norths, but another heating guy told me that the future "consultant"  spent a lot of time in Mr. North's office before the consulting contract came out at a board meeting.     I guess that was a few million dollars down the drain.   The word out of Columbus is that wrecking ball will be hitting Berry if this levy passes.

You know Mr. Miller, it really is getting old and stale hearing about what the realtors think of our school district.    Maybe they need to think about helping people save their homes from the sheriff sales.    The realtors really don't run our towns, but they always are on the side of more taxes.  Did you know, Mr. Miller, that Lebanon is one of the highest taxed districts in the county.  Yes, that's right.   We will be second highest if the levy passes.   

Mr. North says he received a call from the OSCC about it being Lebanon's turn.   Guess what, it was Lebanon's turn in 2000 to build the high school and Bowman.   The incompetent superintendent and board failed to file the papers that would have given the district the money to pay part of those costs.   That is the reason LCSD has a credit available.   The taxpayers have suffered carrying the full load for those two buildings because of dereliction of duty by the board.   THEY NEVER FOLLOWED THROUGH!!!!
Did you know that Mr. Miller?   I bet you didn't.   Did you every attend any of the board meetings?   I know you weren't there when Mrs. Young was asked to leave.   Yes, that was the night that Mr. North decided a member of the public didn't need to hear his plans.    She won her case at the 12th District Court of Appeals and again at the Ohio Supreme Court.  You didn't cover that little detail did you, Mr. Miller.

I hear that you also don't want to hear from anyone giving you information regarding why the levy is not a good idea.  Did you threaten to file a suit against a taxpayer?   I think you did!

Were you at the board meeting when Mr. North told the tale about the guy coming up to him at the football field and offering to give him a "deal" to redo the track?    Were you there to hear that embellished tale?   The track was still under warranty.   Mr. North convinced the board to take "the guy's offer" of $90,000.00 to fix up the track.   No other bids were needed.   Too coincidental  but what do we know.   

The OSFC isn't paying 62% because it is Lebanon's turn.   They are offering a credit because of the past incompentency of the board to file those very important papers.   The money is really for the high school and Bowman.  The money is going to be there when we need it and have the money to pay our share.   Right now we/the property owners still owe over $60 million dollars for past loans taken out by the board.  Most of these loans are unknown by the public.  

I have been told that the money is there.   By the way, it isn't money that grows on trees.   It is taxpayer money.  So, it is our money.   Get that, Mr. Miller.   It is our tax dollars that can be given for construction in our district.   We can pass another levy at the appropriate time and with competent and honest leaders.   This isn't Washington, D.C.   We can elect better people.  

I say wait!   The money will be available.   The community has not been consulted or apprised of the plans drummed up by "very few" insiders.    The last construction project was a mess.   Land was purchased at an exorbitant price, there were no city facilities to the land that was chosen, the road is inadequate for the school traffic, the field is a mud pit and many "deals" were brokered including the naming of Bowman Elementary.    Additionally Bowman should have been one elementary building.    The current structure is inefficient and more costly to operate. 

You are wrong Mr. Miller.   The district has not grown.  The enrollment has varied around fifty students for several years.
So I would say your are 100% wrong on all counts.   But, I guess you do need school news for your "fish-wrap."  After all you are just trying to start up another rag in the area.   It pays to kiss the a$$ of the local superintendent in a case like that.


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