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Mark North's Salary - What is it?

There seems to be quite  a few discrepancies between the amount of salary that the district reports to the state and the actual salaries.  I previously posted the state list for 2012. 

I don't know how the district can get away with reporting various numbers, but the list of salaries that I posted previously is different than the response from the treasurer on January 27, 2011.   The salaries that I will list today are from that list and are for 2010.  Many of the salaries that were reported for 2010 are higher than the 2012 list that was reported.  Listed are a few examples.

On the 2010 statement Mark North's salary is listed as $149,937.00. The local paper reported that Donna Davis Norris stated that her district did not try to negotiate with North to get him to stay.  "We made no counter offer to Mark,"  Davis-Norris said.  "We're pretty tickled that he's staying."  (This statement is taken from the Dayton Daily News, Christopher Magan, 7-8-2009.   The offer from Beaver Creek was reported at  $139,000.00. 

It appears that the board led by Ms. Norris did give Mr. North a $10,000.00 increase plus the other benefits that I previously listed. 

Donna Davis-Norris signed a contract for Mr. North on August 20, 2007.  This contract was to run until July 31, 2012.  The salary amount on this contract was $111,240.00.
I was not given any additions to that contract that would have noted a raise in salary.  (The additions were requested.)

Ms. Davis-Norris signed another contract for Mr. North on December 21, 2009.   This contract was to run from August 1, 2009 and end July 31, 2014.   The annual salary listed on this contract is $127,249.00.  That would be an increase of about $16,000.00.  Shortly after this contract was signed the salary jumped over $22,000.00 to the $149,937.00 amount.

There is another contract for Mr. North dated January 9, 2006.   That contract is in the amount of $108,000.00.  It would seem to any reasonable person that the board did make a "deal" with Mr. North so that he would not move on to Beaver Creek.  ( His other benefits were listed in the other post.)

I have requested any additions or changes to the original contracts, but have yet to receive that information.  All salaries are "public records."   Our taxes pay to run the district and we are entitled to know what is done with our money.   "Transparency" is not a word that is popular with this board.    

We deserve to be told the truth by the President of the Lebanon School Board and the board members.   It has been pretty obvious that Mr. North has sent out applications to various other districts.   When he said that "this is where my heart is" was not totally true.   If it was true,  why would he be applying to other districts after signing a multi-year contract with the Lebanon School Board?  

Some other examples of the salaries in the state report and the salaries that were sent covering 2010 vs. 2012.

                                       2010    vs       2012

Mark North            $149,937.06           $123.917.00
F. James Norris II  $85,301.00            $ 78,336.00
Stephen S. Pointinger  $89,653.00     $ 75,983.00
Anne M. Rolfes              $75,084.94     $ 73,448.00
Paul E. Sotzing             $111,235.43       $101,522.00
Mary H. Vendt              $77,383.00       $ 75,983.00
Amy Brewer                  $ 60,222.00      $ 58,982.00
John Buskirk                 $82,244.14        $ 80,028.00
Scott Butler                    $81,941.99        $92,034.00
Martin Collier                $76,147.26        $69,662.00
Amy Combs                    $77,699.42       $78,336.00
Lee Day                           $97,389.12       $86,851.00
Ian Frank                        $94,465.72      $90,828.00
Clifton Franz                  $81,339.72       $78,095.00
Becky Hill                      $102,053.45     $98,028.00
Stephen Lamb                $76,026.00     $60,370.00

These are just a few examples of the comparisons between one report and the other.   Which one is true?   I would assume (not always a good idea to assume anything) that some of the employees were paid for extra days.   Maybe one or two were promoted, but the fact remains that Mark North did jump to $149,937.06.   That was a "deal" that Ms. Norris said did not happen.  No where was it noted who had supplemental contracts.   These would greatly change many of the numbers.   

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