Thursday, October 31, 2013

Taxpayers Do Not Have a Printing Press

Change the name in this tune from Obama to Mark North and you will get the picture.   When you spend "other people's money" there is no end to your demands.  There is no end to what you spend.   It is time to bring the spending madness to a screeching halt.

This is the case with the levy coming up this Tuesday.  'They" made their plans and expect the property owners to pay the piper.    It is high time to get out and vote.   Send a message to Donna Norris and Mark North and their committee of sycophants.   Get to the polls - no matter what the weather and tell them that YOU do not have a printing machine.  Tell them that your budget is maxed out.   You cannot afford to add one more cent to your budget.  They should do the same.

The state funds are the taxpayers money.   It is not "free" money as they would like you to believe.   "We the People" do pay taxes at every level of government.  That includes the school district and the state.   

We need accountability from the LCSD.   So far we have had no accountability and zero transparency.   They demand, they keep us out of meetings and we are expected to get right in line and hand over our paychecks.   That is if we have a paycheck.   Otherwise they'll sell your house at a sheriff's sale.  

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