Monday, October 28, 2013

Stop Throwing Your Money at Incompetence.

Dear readers, today I would like you to listen to the following and extremely information discussion.  The information is amazing and can be corroborated across the country.   Every school district is following the same kind of "lesson plans" and curriculum.   With "Common Core" ti will be even worse.   Most school districts also do cheat on the tests that count for the district ratings.   There are many examples of this.  Just  ask your children what happens on the days the state tests are given.   Parents have told me that their child tells them that the slower children are taken out of the classroom where the test is being given.

The union has lied to us for far too long.   The government wastes a bigger and bigger portion of the GDP every year.   We are losing our country because they are deliberately dumbing down our people.  

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Letter from a businessman.

"I have done more research than can be imagined and what it comes down to is profit…….who owns it, the person who produces it, or the people who want to distribute it. Think of profit as a pie. When someone makes a pie, we might say, “Mrs So & So made a pie. Let’s eat her pie.” We think of the pie as hers because she made it. Then you have the kind of people the levy supporters are, people who think that the pie is theirs also, even though all they did was show up to eat it. They would say, “Here is a pie, let’s eat our meal.” Mrs So & So might sit down quietly and not draw attention to the fact that she made the pie, because she doesn’t want to spoil everyone’s mood. The rest of the people eating the pie would eat it all up then demand more, because the pie was good. But Mrs So & So spent all her money making the pie, and didn’t make much money the first time around, so decides that she doesn’t want to do it again since the first time around was a thankless excersise. The result is that there is one less pie maker in the world. No Lakota Levy people are the producers of the community, they made the pie which the rest of the community eats. The levy supporters simply want to eat the pie…….what the producers made. When levy supporters say that No Lakota Levy only wants to hide their taxes with breaks and shelters, they are making the assumption that the profits earned by them are collectively shared by all……….that everyone owns the pie. But they don’t. If the members of No Lakota Levy did not make a pie, nobody would have anything to eat. That is the danger of this election. If taxes go up, the people who make pie, they will take their ingrediants elsewhere leaving all the levy supporters who simply want bussing reinstated for their children in exchange for a vote, with a declining community. The money for this levy is not for children. But children are exploited by these administrators and managers of the government schools purely so they can maintain high wages that they are clearly not worthy of." 

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  1. Over Taxed CitizenNovember 2, 2013 at 6:45 PM

    I just talked with a man who I know and his wife is a teacher, we are good friends. I noticed a pro evy sign in his yard. We talked about the levy. I ask him if he knew this was going to just one more of many levies to come and I was wondering why on earth he would want to strap his children with this extra tax. He said I never thought of it that way. He has two wonderful children and I ask him if he thought they would be buying a home one day and he said yes. If indeed they pass this levy upon us your children and just maybe your grand kids will be paying this extra tax.
    Now to Mr. Businessman, The pie was gone long ago when our stupid school board build this unwanted school on Drake road.We don't want or need anymore levies, I am voting them ALL down.