Sunday, October 20, 2013


Now is not the time to ask for more money.

1.  This administration has a history of poor     management.  A few years ago the state had to straighten out their financial mess.  

2.  There is no one in the administration that has the skills to manage these projects.

3,  The bonds will be for 37 years.   That is a long time to pay interest.   Our great-grandchildren will be obligated to pay off these bonds and more.

4.  Millions have been spent upgrading the Junior High School and Berry.

5.  The deceptive way these decisions were made does not inspire confidence in what will "really" is their plan.  

6. This group, headed by Donna Norris, made the ridiculous decision to give the Lebanon school buses away, then hired Laidlaw.  This was an extremely poor decision.   Now they have decided to buy buses and fire the services of the "bus company."  They are borrowing money to cover up their poor decisions. 

7. The enrollment has not increased enough to justify these extensive construction projects.

8.  There are rumors that the administration desires new offices.   They do not maintain Holbrook.

9.  The report sent by The Ohio School Facilities Commission lists Dunlavy School with 375 students and Holbrook with 655.  Neither of these schools have students.

10.   They reported that they spent $3.5 million on refurbishing the bus garage.  Go take a look.   Nothing is refurbished at that facility.  Go take a look at the new Turtlecreek Fire Station and Township Hall.   They paid the same amount to build that building.   It is beautiful.

11.  According to the Ohio School Facilities Commission and Mark North's disclosure at a school board meeting, the reason that Lebanon is allowed a "credit" is because the people in charge never filed the proper paperwork in order to receive the funds due to the district when the new Lebanon High School and Bowman were built.   This was a gross neglect of duty.  

12.   These projects are not needed at this time and the money will be available at a later date. Hopefully that date will be when we have competent people in charge.   


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