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Our nation has a debt of over $17 Trillion.   This is debt that will fall on the shoulders of the generations of the future.  This debt could cause the crash of our nation into the annals of history.   We are the Rome,  Athens  and Ottoman Empire of today.   This money was spent with little or no approval from the taxpayers.

Why is this happening to a nation with so much promise?   A nation that attracts people from all over the world should continue to be the "lighthouse in the storm."   How long will this nation have the means and ability to give hope to those searching for freedom and opportunity?  How long will our dollar be worth the paper it is printed on?   German people once had to revert to bartering because their money wasn't worth anything at all.  This is true in many countries today.

I submit that this has happened because of the secrecy and corruption that exists in our government at every level.    The "behind the scenes" deals are committed on a daily basis.   

In Ohio we have the "Sunshine Law."    This law is supposed to force our government to make decisions in open meetings.   The public is supposed to have access to documents and the meetings where decisions are made.  Why do our public representatives feel compelled to conduct so much business behind the scenes?    One answer could be that they don't want us to know what they are "up to."

Generations of people wanted to believe in our elected government representatives.  Too often "special interest" groups support the candidates of their choice.   For example many (if not most) school board candidates are hand-picked by the administration and the union. The union will work for and fund these candidates that they know will support their interests.   Often the candidates are union members or spouses of union members.    

They will also spread absolute lies and innuendos about decent candidates that have expressed a belief in "accountability."  This happens in every school board election.  This also discourages decent and honest people from running for office.   No one wants to be smeared with absolute lies.   No one wants their children at the mercy of the teachers who hate the parent for asking questions.  (Check out Springboro to see what is happening to decent and successful board members.   The union has spread lies and pursued a massive attack on three board members.  They have a "SURE" committee led by the union.)  Of course they make it appear that it is "community" members leading the attack.

In the typical school district there are many opportunities to "pay off" employees who are in the "special favor" of the administration.   This could be a shorter schedule, fewer classes, smaller classes, chair of "special committees," summer school positions with few or no requirements to perform, coming and going from school at will, unnecessary grade level chair, unneeded assistant principals, extended service (for what) etc.   You can read (only in the board agenda or minutes)  of a highly paid teacher receiving an additional $7,500.00 (or more) for an extended contract - for what?   Who even checks if the person is performing a job?   

Then check out contractors, consultants, printing, major purchases etc.      Almost all of these are completed without bids (or per phony bids).    This is abuse of the system and abuse of the taxpayers.    With this kind of abuse there will never be enough money to satisfy the wants of these people.

When secrecy is the rule they follow; the public cannot make informed decisions on candidates or on levies.   They don't have enough information.    The people in charge do not want the public to know what they are planning or what is their agenda.    They do want apathy and disgust because that discourages the voters.   They then get their union colleagues to persuade the parents, students and union families to get out and vote.    That is usually enough to carry any election.   

No levy should ever be passed without the taxpayers knowing "exactly" what the plans are for that money.    In the case of the Lebanon levy, we have not had a full disclosure of what are the plans for this money.     We don't know why they need to make so many changes with almost no increase in enrollment.    We don't have any idea of what the "new" buildings will look like, how many students will be in each building, where will the new buildings be built, did they buy land for these changes,  will there be new offices built for the administration, Where, why and when were the decisions made?  Was the "survey" the basis for these outrageous plans (a mere 400 people were called)?   We have  many other questions and were not asked to attend any meetings.   We were never included in the plans.      All of this information has been kept under wraps, a parent and taxpayer was even asked to leave the board  "survey" meeting when they decided to call it an executive session.    The Supreme Court of Ohio ruled in the parent's favor on that exclusionary move on the part of the board.


The fact that we know so little of THEIR plans, that we were kept out of the planning stage, that no one is competent enough on that board or on the administrative staff  to lead a major construction project is reason enough to vote no.  I will say here HELL NO!!!!!

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