Thursday, October 31, 2013


Today the taxpayers received another reminder to vote for a levy.   In my opinion the entire card is deliberately misleading.  There are little to zero real or detailed facts listed on that card.   As D. D. Norris likes to say, the card has been written at the eighth grade level.   They don't want you to know the details or what the "real" plans consist of.

They want you to believe that this is an emergency.   That the money will disappear if this project is not started immediately.   This is not true.   I have correspondence from the Ohio School Facilities Commission that states that:

"The credit from the Expedited Local Partnership program (ELPP) is for $51,893,780 and represents a reimbursement for work done to Bowman Elementary and Lebanon High School.  The ELPP project was initiated in 2000.  The district will be receiving $45,109,467 from the state for the Classroom Facilities Assistance Program (CFAP) segment of this project and the required local contribution for this segment will be for $24,914,231.  It is my understanding that the actual district levy which will be for a slightly larger amount in order to provide funding for any unexpected contingencies that might arise."

Further stated by Rick Savors of the OSFC, ". . . . . districts do not lose their ability to participate in OSFC programs.  They are, however, required to acquire their local funding share prior to re-applying for funding from the state."

This report lists Dunlavy School with 375 students and Holbrook with 655 students (K-3).   Most of you know that Dunlavy houses the maintenance department and Holbrook house the administrative offices of the district.

The report states that the cost of demolition of Holbrook will be $290,642.88.    (Don't you just love the fact that they get this down to the $0.88 level.   As I said, Holbrook houses the administrative staff.  That would be Mark North, Eric Sotzinger and the rest of the "team."   If they are going to demolish Holbrook, one would be led to assume that Mr. North will have a new palatial "administrative" building to run the show.    We really don't know because the taxpayers be damned.   They just don't need to know the plans or any of the details.

What the plans do state is that Holbrook sits on 19 acres of land.   New construction is planned on that site after the demolition is $6,228,016,36.   Don't you just love the "transparency" of our leaders.    My daddy always said liars figure and figures lie.   Just saying.

I would say you could build a real nice palace to the tune of over $6.5 million dollars.   Of course no one bothered to let the taxpayers in on the plans.    I guess it was a big, bad secret.  We have to have a proper setting for King North and Queen Norris.   

Now, what about those 375 first through third graders that don't exist at Francis Dunlavy?   Well, well, well, the plans are to demolish Dunlavy at a cost of $152,745.92.   So00000 . . . . there goes the maintenance department.   Where will we put this department?    I assume (never assume)  that this part of "the team" will also move into the new (unrevealed) administrative building.

The construction costs to Bowman total $3,447,527.58 for an addition.   The building costs to Donovan $15,340,672.91.  You see they have it down to the very last penny.   They have big plans, but you are not part of those plans.   You just have to cut more money out of your escalating grocery budget.  Turn these funds over to Mr. North and Ms. Norris and they will find some people they might know to "consult" the job for them.

Donovan Elementary (grades 3-4) will have $15,340,672.91 in improvements.   Why didn't they tear it down and build another school?   Just a thought!  Because the report says that it would cost $15,885,373.78 to replace Donovan.

What is happening to Louisa Wright you might ask?  I've been in that building and it is a fine building and perfect for Kindergartners.   Not good enough for Mr. North and Ms. Norris though.   Louisa Wright is scheduled for demolition.
The cost is listed at $304,544.66.   WHY, you ask?  Well the Powers in charge want it that way.  Does it sound like Obama Care.   You can keep the schools you love.   NO!  You can't.

Now we tell you the details at Berry Intermediate.   Apparently, your leaders, not mine, didn't want to raise too much fuss in the community regarding Berry.   So they performed a little white-wash job on the details.   As I said, the hell to pay is in the details.   

According to the records most of Berry will be DEMOLISHED.   The total estimation of the cost of tearing down and rebuilding at Berry is $24,194,563.93.   

The Lebanon Junior High School is scheduled for demolition. The cost to destroy the building is $731,140.59.  The plans to rebuild a perfectly good building is $26,700,970.60.

Lebanon High School will receive $2,588,355.44 of changes.  Do you know what they will be?

I trust all of you are able to read these facts.   The school administration doesn't think any of us taxpayers are capable of knowing and reading the real facts and the real numbers.

Just get out your wallets and let them have at it.   Don't bother to vote.   After all, THEY know what is best for you and your children.   They know what is best for all of us.  Just like the socialist administration in Washington, D.C.   

To quote the postcard, "Money CAN ONLY Be Used to Construct Buildings!"    That isn't true.   There auditors office states that .5 mills is to be used for maintenance and incidentals for 23 years.  This is added to the 1.87 mills.   One of the worst things in the 1.87 mills lasts for 37 years.   Why not save money and put this on for 20 years.   The interest payments are great for the banks, but not for the taxpayers.


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  1. taxed out tax payerDecember 7, 2013 at 3:12 PM

    I hear that this new huge pipe line is going to supply the LSD with millions of new dollars. Why don't we read this on the cards the school sends out, or in the local fish wrap? And I would like to know the amount of new cash is being sent to LSD from the other huge pipe line that was built in 2008/2009. If the school is receiving this extra new cash, will it go to Mark North's retirement fund? What about my retirement fund. These people think they are god, just like Obama.