Friday, October 18, 2013



"Our Turn"
"Our Schools"
"Our Community" 

The audacity of these people never fails to amaze the citizens of Lebanon.   Just who are the "our" people?
They are the teacher's union!!!!!!  

"They think it is always the taxpayers time to pay more taxes."  Any time they want more money we are just supposed to meekly cut a chunk out of our budget and hand it over to them.

This is the logo of the levy campaign for the Lebanon school district administration and union.   This logo sounds like a slogan right out of the Soviet Union.

The union thinks they own our schools and our community.   There are many people that are sick and tired of their demands and their sense of entitlement of our money any time they want additional raises.   It is high time for this community to stop the flow of additional funds levy after levy to people who mismanage every cent that we provide.

We pay their union salaries.   We are paying off the loans that they made.   "We" the property owners  owe millions of dollars for loans that we did not vote for.    It is time to return the management of "our" schools to competent people who know how to manage "our"  tax money.   

The union supports every levy campaign with their time, money and shoe leather.   They go door to door demanding more money for their paychecks and now for new buildings.    Their propaganda has not changed for years.   It is always "for the children."  It is always critical.   There is always some gloom and doom propaganda that makes the need so imminently "critical."

It is never for the children.   It is for union contracts. It is for more raises and benefits.  

This time it is for tearing down Lebanon Junior High School and Berry Intermediate.   How many people knew they were working on these plans?   How many taxpayers were asked if they supported these plans?
How many want to pay to rebuild perfectly fine schools.   Schools that millions and millions of our tax dollars have been spent on renovations.   Millions of dollars that is still owed to banks for bonds that this district sold without our permission.

Few have seen or heard of the plans.   Fewer have seen the architectural drawings of what is planned. This community has a right to know these plans way in advance.   A long time before a levy was even thought of.    Why does this administration always have to keep secret what they are doing?

How long have they been working in secret?  The school's plans are supposed to be transparent.   This school board and this administration don't care what the taxpayers need.   

They certainly don't care that so many homes are being sold at sheriff sales.    They even demand tax dollars from people that are hurting.   They don't give the owners of homes that are behind in their taxes a break.   Take a look at the following web site.   These are all homes up for sale by the Warren County Sheriff.    Most of the taxes owed are for the school district.    

There are people who have paid off their home, but cannot afford the taxes.   These people don't care!  They don't care how old the person is.    They don't care if they have a meal on their table.   They are willing to put children, parents and the elderly out on the street.    

That is how they feel about our community.   We are just here to line their pockets.   Pay their salaries, pay their medical care, their vision plan, their dental plan, their bonus and their annuity.    They don't care if the community has the same.   Of course, most of us can't afford to have the supreme quality of benefits that we are paying for them to have.

The union does not own us.   They are NOT entitled to receive more money out of our pockets.   This is not "Their Time."    It is our time to say Hell No!

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